Honorary board

Honorary Board

In 1988, a group of civic and medical leaders joined together to found The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley. Many of these original board members and donors are still a part of the Center today, continuing to provide guidance and support through our Honorary Board program…


Frederick Auerbach, M.D.

Karunyan Arul, M.D. & Inpamani Arul, M.D.

Gerrit Brouwer, M.D. & Mrs. Gerrit Brouwer

James & Audrey Cole

Dixie Eliopulos

Frank & DeMares Garcia

Loretta Hanson

Craig Harris

Sen. William J. “Pete” Knight

John Lynn, M.D.

Sinn E. Moorthy M.D.

Canagaratnam Pathmarajah M.D.

Burl Patterson

Steven Schmidt

Esther Snyder

Shun K. Sunder M.D.

Norm Titcher

HonoRary Board Executive Members


Bishop Henry Hearns

Karunyan Arul, M.D.

Wadie Tadros, M.D.

Honorary Board Members


Tonia Symensma-Cohen, Ph.D.

Susan Nasser, D.O.

Ed Mirzabegian

Marilyn Norris

Michael Cohen, M.D.

Carmen Roberts

Berna Lee Mayer, RN, MSN, CFNP

Apurva Shah, M.D.

Burl Patterson

Steve Sultan, Ph.D.

Linda Lawson, RN, MSN

Diane Nagy

Rosa Fuller

Demares Garcia

Shelley Sorsabal

Robert B. Imani, MD, Inc.

James W. M. Charlton J.D.

Andrea Minghelli

Angela Underwood-Jacobs

Lawrence Stock, M.D.

Linda Petrik

Ana Lall Heller, MBA

Sinn E. Moorthy M.D.

Shun K. Sunder M.D.

Canagaratnam Pathmarajah M.D.

Josh Mann

Mayor R. Rex Parris

Mayor Steve Hofbauer

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